Our clients come to us with a wide array of eCommerce and business issues, ranging from technical problems to the lack of a consistent strategic vision. That’s when our cross-functional team of agile and result-driven thinkers comes together and relentlessly analyzes the issues and all the possible alternatives before choosing the right course of action and developing strategies that deliver truly noticeable results.

Zebracon offers consulting services in a variety of eCommerce and strategic fields.

Our eCommerce strategists will assist you in setting your business objectives, identifying the best way to create value for your customers, identifying target market segments, developing a compelling unique selling proposition, and setting medium- and long-term plans.

Our eCommerce developers will help you define the right design and interface and organize your offer in a way that improves conversions as well as integrate your eCommerce store with the most effective payment systems, customer support systems, and other technical systems.

Our Business strategy experts will help you shape your overall business strategy and obtain a maximize the potential of your resources in order to generate a high return on your investments and sustainable long-term financial results.

Our Commerce experience design experts will analyze how your customers behave on your eCommerce marketplace, identify the negative critical points, and help you shape the best possible customer experience, which will noticeably increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Our Managed service and support staff will assume full management on the part of your eCommerce business that you want to outsource and focus on how to optimize them and improve their positive impact on the overall business, as well as providing high-quality support for any type of unforeseen issue.

At Zebracon, experts in these different fields are constantly cooperating to make sure that a client’s request is analyzed from multiple standpoints, which highly increases the chances of developing those game-changing strategies and solutions that the client alone or textbook consultants would find difficult to develop.

We also have considerable experience in dealing with international and diversified clients whose business operates in multiple national markets or industries. We know that some clients may not just need one solution or strategy but a set of solutions and strategies for different target markets, audiences, and sectors, as well as an approach that makes each solution with the business’ overall financial goals.

At the same time, we keep a strong eye on the client’s competitors. We specialize in analyzing all types of competitive threats, including those that the client may currently not be aware of. We help our clients develop a strategy that differentiates their position in the market and make them stand out from the rest. Reaching this competitive advantage and maintaining it is the key to making your business prosper in the long term.

We’re also very big on innovation. The digital economy is constantly evolving, and the tools or methods used to develop an online business, manage the technical aspects market your offer, increase brand awareness, and provide support to your customers are constantly changing and improving. At Zebracon we always scan the digital environment for new ways to serve our clients more effectively and anticipate the competition in innovation adoption.

It takes the right mix of experience, expertise, and flexibility to integrate the technical and business aspects of an eCommerce venture. Different business and strategic goals may require the use of different digital tools and tactics. A consultant’s job is to take all the options into consideration and then zoom in on those that will eventually provide the best results for that specific situation and help the business better achieve its final goals.

We understand that with each client comes a whole new mix of needs, objectives, obstacles, hopes, and human elements. An effective consulting firm must be able to analyze, combine and integrate these elements in a result-driven way. We will offer each client a highly personalized level of insights, evaluations, and solution proposals, instead of using a rigid sequence of textbook steps that are usually inadequate to assess situations that are individually different and uncover where the greatest opportunities and threats are.

Our out-of-the-box thinking, and cross-functional approach are what allows us to shed light on those highly effective strategies and solutions that other consultants often miss. We love challenges and put all our efforts into turning difficult, and sometimes prohibiting situations, into opportunities to thrive and actionable plans to bring your business success to a whole new level.

We always approach each project with passion, detail, and a creative spirit. We know that the success of a project is not only the result of a consultant’s expertise and knowledge but also of the commitment, effort, and care he puts into each endeavor, as well as the ability to fully understand and empathize with the client’s concerns, ambitions, and fears.

At Zebracon, respectful and cooperative relationships with our clients are the core of our actions. We don’t lecture clients and tell them to just follow our advice passively. We know that finding the right solution requires an ongoing and evolving relationship with clients, whose contribution must be valued and considered at each step of the way.

Our high client loyalty rate shows that our clients have developed a strong level of trust in our consulting services and don’t hesitate to come back to us for future needs once they have received other advice and solution proposals the first time.

The same type of human touch is present in our relationship with our workers and collaborators, the minds and hands behind our daily work, and the success of our consulting group. Zebracon values the contribution of workers from different educational and work experience backgrounds, as complex problems require the sum of different perspectives and approaches for the best solution to be found.

Such philosophy is also reflected by a company culture that fosters social diversity and inclusivity and maintains high ethical standards such as integrity, honesty, and concern for social problems and environmental issues.

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Our consulting success and high level of service is the results of putting together a highly skilled, highly creative, and highly cooperative team of employees and collaborators.

From their advanced knowledge and experience in the fields of eCommerce and business strategy to their ability to analyze problems flexibly, view issues from different angles, and propose solutions based on actionability and real-world effectiveness.

Our experts are able to see a client’s problem from a multi-layered perspective that focuses on strategic, financial, marketing, digitalization, and internalization elements both separately and collectively. They are like a team of mechanics whose perfect knowledge of the different pieces of a car and the way in which they interact allows them to maximize the vehicle’s performance.

The creation of a highly competent team of experts starts from the recruiting process, during which Zebracon studies and selects the most promising profiles in the fields of business strategy, e-commerce, and customer experience, taking into account not only their educational and work background but also their passion for solving complex issues, their level of curiosity, their degree of adaptability, their propension to work in cooperative environments and the ability to see challenges as motivating.

Some of our team members start their careers at Zebracon after years of experience and accomplishment in their respective fields, strengthening the overall expertise of our workforce. Others join Zebracon after completing technical and business studies and receive intense training by the most experienced co-workers before handling complex client cases.

This mix of seasoned and young and this combination of different skills creates a dynamic and vibrant workforce that is able to tackle the most difficult issues with the right creative and committed approach.

At Zebracon we are also very big on upskilling and constantly expose our workforce to the latest and most promising developments in the fields of eCommerce, business strategy, and consultants. We want our clients to stay ahead of the competition at every turn and to anticipate innovation trends during key moments when adopting new technology or method first may make the difference between a huge success and modest results.

Our staff is highly coordinated and cross-functional. In dealing with client requests and strategy proposals, a member of the eCommerce development department will be always in close contact with members of the business strategy department and with the staff of the managed services and support department.

It’s through the collective sharing, analysis, and evaluation of each problem that the most effective and result-oriented are produced and the most sustainable and attainable strategies are developed.

Why choose us
Guaranteed result
Zebracon is a result-driven consulting firm that commits itself to finding the right, effective solution for every client. Once you start a project with us, it won’t be closed until you have been provided with actionable, effective, and sustainable solutions. The high loyalty rate of our clients speaks volumes to the level of effort and commitment we put into our work and the value we give to each client’s goals, concerns, and ambitions.
Mandatory consultations
Once you become a Zebracon client, our firm is obliged to provide you with consultations should any problem or unforeseen issue arise. The first consultation is usually only the first of many and you are entitled to as many consultations as you need until we have found a strategy and a plan of action that generates real results and provides a solution to the problem that led you to ask for a consultation in the first place.
Help in business
in business
We are always following our clients and providing the necessary level of support and assistance at every step of the way. If new problems and issues may arise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask us all the questions you need to. We also offer clients to option to outsource some of their eCommerce activities to us, so that we can put our full expertise and knowledge into managing certain aspects of your business directly.
High performance
At Zebracon we always go above and beyond to optimize our level of performance and our clients’ level of effectiveness, profitability, and long-term results. This is achieved by hiring only the most competent and creative minds, creating a highly cooperative environment, and keeping up to date with all the latest innovations in the fields of eCommerce, business strategy, customer experience, and all their related technical aspects.

At Zebracon, we don’t follow inflexible textbook guidelines that only produce mediocre results, if any. Each client’s situation will be assessed and analyzed for its unique features and for its specific set of circumstances, objectives, and restraints.

We don’t want you to simply solve problems, we want you to excel at what you do while maximizing your business results, your brand’s strength, your customer satisfaction, and your competitive advantage.

We want your eCommerce business to be the most innovative and effective in its target market or niche by dwarfing the competition with ideas, strategies, and plans of action that make your business simply unbeatable.

Choose Zebracon if you want a guarantee of superior quality, advanced expertise, strong client focus, and the constant pursuit of creative, result-driven solutions and strategies.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you still have any doubts about our services and want additional clarifications on how we manage relationships with our clients. Our staff will gladly give you a detailed explanation of how we handle problems and develop strategies.

At Zebracon we welcome even the hardest challenges, and we look for solutions where other consultants would look for excuses to turn down a client’s request.

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