Each client presents a different set of needs, goals, restraints, and expectations, which a successful consultant must balance, assess, and integrate to produce the most effective and result-driven advice. We are talking about the kind of consulting service that generates optimal levels of client satisfaction, dwarves the competition and ensures long-term profitability and sustainability for the consulting firm.

To achieve this, Zebracon relies on a team of experts that provides an ideal mix of practical knowledge, in-field experience, and out-of-the-box thinking, as well as a tendency to understand client needs and see the inevitable problems as motivating challenges rather the insurmountable obstacles.

The core of eCommerce consulting is to see the aspects of the client’s current situation from all the relevant angles and then envision the attainable, actionable, and affordable ways in which the client’s business can develop and prosper from there.

These are the reasons why Zebracon’s hiring department looks from different profiles in the field of e-commerce, business strategy, and commerce experience design who also share certain fundamental traits like adaptability to different business situations, constant curiosity, passion for problem-solving, and willingness to work in highly cooperative work environments.

Does this sound like you?
Does this profile fit your technical background, work attitude, and personality?
Do you have past experience or education in eCommerce strategy and development?
Are you looking for a new challenge that involves dealing with multiple clients, scenarios, and problems?
Do you give your best in a team environment where brainstorming and cooperation are the core of solution finding?
In short: are you the Zebracon type?

If yes, we want to hear from you. We are eager to listen to what you can bring to Zebracon’s table and explain what Zebracon can bring to you.

In addition to experienced professionals with years of practice behind them, Zebracon is also interested in hiring young graduates who plan to pursue a career in eCommerce and business strategy consultancy and who are currently in the process of looking for their first job.

While many consultancy groups may be perceived as a prohibitive and inaccessible environment by young people right out of college or university, we at Zebracon recognize what an important step this is in your personal and professional development and are ready to walk you through the various steps needed to become a full and active member of our vibrant team.

During your journey, you’ll be followed and assisted by the most experienced members of our group. This will make the transition from an educational to a professional work environment as smooth as it can be.

We offer jobs to professionals and graduates with knowledge and/or experience in the following fields:

  • eCommerce Strategy: as an eCommerce strategist, your task will be to help the clients define their eCommerce objectives, identify their target market segments, determine how to differentiate the client’s offer from the competition and how to turn all of these into actionable plans.
  • eCommerce Development: as an eCommerce developer, your task will be the development of the more technical aspects of the client’s eCommerce store, from its design to its interface to its payment methods and client support systems.
  • Strategy and Consulting: as a strategy consultant, your task will deal with the fundamental business aspects of running an eCommerce store and optimizing the use of the client’s resources to achieve the maximum level of profitability and long-term results.
  • Commerce Experience Design: as a commerce experience designer, your task will be to understand how visitors and customers behave when visiting the client’s eCommerce store so that you can shape it in a way that maximizes that customer’s satisfaction and positive experience.
  • Managed Services and Support: as a managed service and support expert, your task will be to manage the outsourced areas and functions of a client’s eCommerce business as well as provide comprehensive and superior support to the client for whatever issue may arise.

Working in these fields will not only benefit Zebracon by enlarging our team of committed and knowledgeable experts, but it will also expand your expertise and skills.

These are all very fast-moving and innovative fields, where new techniques, tactics, and methods are developed year after year, and sometimes even on a monthly basis. Keeping up with what’s new is therefore paramount and we at Zebracon want our experts to be always up to date with all the most recent innovations in the field, and even anticipate the competition in the innovation process.

At Zebracon we also put a lot of stress on the coordination between the different functions. Consulting on the development, planning, and management of an eCommerce business, as well as administrating a client’s outsourced activities involves a high level of interdependence between experts in different fields.

It’s in the collective effort of the consulting team that value for the final client is generated. If you have already experienced working in a vibrant, cooperative environment, Zebracon is the perfect work environment for you. If this is your first work experience, you will be gradually introduced to the dynamics of effective teamwork and cross-functional coordination.

An Inclusive, Transparent, Motivating and Enriching Work Environment

A Zebracon career is designed for highly motivated candidates who want to grow as both people and professionals while helping our group strengthen its brand and expand its client portfolio. Your individual success and the success of the group are directly tied and feed one another.

Our work environment is very inclusive and open to people of different social and cultural backgrounds. At Zebracon you’ll be valued exclusively for the professional contribution you bring to the team and for your positive qualities as a human being and part of our big Zebracon family. 

We think that a work environment that includes people of different ethnic, national, racial, gender cultural, and sexual orientation backgrounds, as well as different age groups, incentives creativity, human connection, and eventually the productivity and success of the business as a whole.

There is always open and transparent communication between the employees and the management. Our workers are encouraged to share their ideas, concerns, and problems with upper managerial levels in order to make their work experience as rewarding and comfortable as possible. There is no rigid wall between the managers and the employees. Everybody is a part of the team and works together in the interests of our clients and the firm.

At Zebracon we also put a lot of emphasis on ethical values and guidelines. All our staff and management abide by principles like honesty, courtesy, integrity, transparency, and confidentiality. This makes the work environment safer, more stimulating, and more pleasant to work with for all people involved and projects an image of reliability and trustworthiness to our clients and stakeholders, reinforcing Zebracon’s brand.

Zebracon values and rewards the contribution of each of its staff members to the group and its goals. It’s a highly motivating environment that encourages each worker to express the best and most productive part of themselves. We never fail to notice your good work and make you feel appreciated for it. This approach doesn’t only improve worker satisfaction but also lower turnover rates considerably. We want our workers of today to turn into our leaders of tomorrow.

Finally, Zebracon puts a lot of emphasis on the upskilling and learning process of its staff. Working for us will broaden your knowledge in various technical and business fields of eCommerce, digital services, and strategy. The focus will be on learning those skills that are readily applicable to your daily work and to the various business cases you’ll deal with as part the Zebracon’s team.

So let’s have a look at the summary of the reasons why Zebracon is the right place to kickstart or upgrade your career in eCommerce, business strategy, and consultancy.

Key Facts

  • Fully immersed in the age of internationalization and digital technologies, Zebracon is a modern consulting group for the modern world.

  • In a very competitive environment and market environment, Zebracon differentiates itself with out-of-the-box thinking, a creative approach, and deep identification with the client’s case and goals.

  • Zebracon offers technical and business job positions in a variety of fields ranging from eCommerce strategy and development to customer experience design and management of outsourced client activities.

  • With a big focus on innovation, Zebracon makes sure you are always in tune with the latest development in the digital, business, and eCommerce environment.

  • A cross-functional team of the sharpest and most agile minds that cooperate and motivate each other to find the most innovative and effective solutions to client problems.

  • Career opportunities for both seasoned eCommerce or business strategy experts and young graduates who are looking for their first experience in this field.

  • A flexible work environment that allows employees to work from home while maximizing productivity and work satisfaction levels. 

What We Do

  1. We do everything in our power to help you accomplish your individual success, which is a prerogative for the success of the entire Zebracon team

  2.  We have created an inclusive, open-minded, and respectful environment where workers of any national, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation background feel welcome, cherished, motivated, and satisfied

  3. We don’t put walls between the management and the employment. We are all one big team that works for the success of the group and for the satisfaction of our clients.

  4. We are strongly committed to the respect of ethical values like honesty, integrity, workers’ rights, tolerance, environmental conscience, and human empathy.

  5.  We make our staff feel accomplished and rewarded when they provide positive contributions to the group and stand out for commitment, passion, innovation drive, and creativity.

  6. We see your time at Zebracon not only as a working experience but also as an upskilling process that will highly improve your knowledge in the field.

  7. We deal with a diverse portfolio of clients, which allows you to develop direct experiences in different markets, areas, and fields.

So, are you ready for an exciting new experience in a group that values your talents, skills, and motivation and that will accompany you through this new chapter of your new professional life from day 1? At Zebracon you will grow as an eCommerce expert, as a business consultant, and as a person. We believe that these 3 things go hand in hand and are not separated from each other.

Get in touch with us, and tell us about your past experiences, dreams, and expectations. What is your reason for choosing eCommerce and business consulting as the next step in your career? What do you like about this field and what do you expect to gain during your stay at Zebracon? We are very interested in getting a 360-degree perspective of our candidates and outlining to them how Zebracon can help them pursue their goals.

What They Say About Us

Collaborating for Zebracon was a very motivating and rewarding experience. The company has a clear vision of the position it wants to have in the market and of the type of target audience that wants to reach. It’s a young, vibrant, and innovative environment where you feel free to express your skills and talents without useless formal restrictions that limit your creativity and original thinking. 

The environment is highly cooperative. You feel a part of the group right from the start. Zebracon has very unique and yet effective ways to deal with clients’ requests, questions, and doubts. Problems and obstacles are analyzed from every useful perspective and not just in the dogmatic way that it’s usually found in many consulting groups. You really feel like the result and the satisfaction of the client are all that matter and that the research of solutions should not be obstructed by obsolete procedural methods and tactics. 

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