We know that every eCommerce business has its own characteristics and peculiarities and needs different competitive strategies, marketing tactics, and customer relations policies. Zebracon will get a 360-degree insight of your business. Our business experts will assess all the crucial aspects and develop an insider perspective. They will then use their expertise to come up with solutions for the specific problems you are trying to address. The issues to solve may be at different levels: your strategy may not be the most effective one for the type of results that you are trying to achieve, your marketing plan may not be the most effective way to put a certain strategy into action, you may not have the right plan to counter your competitors’ strategy or there may be issues that lowers the level of satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Sometimes the problem may arise from your difficulty to take full advantage of digital tools. Running an eCommerce business has numerous unique characteristics compared to running a traditional business. At Zebracon we specialize in giving clients specific e-Commerce business advice, including how to set up an online store effectively, how to create brand awareness using digital tools, how to maximize conversion rates, and what are the best strategies to improve search engine rankings and social media exposure. Unlike most consultants, we don’t follow rigid textbook guidelines when advising our clients on the best strategies and actions to pursue. We know that every business situation brings about different challenges, unique opportunities, and specific circumstances. To find a solution to each client’s situation it’s important for a consultant to think out of the box, look at things from various standpoints, and use different sets of skills and expertise. Your business case will get the full attention of an expanded team that includes experts from different eCommerce and strategy fields and each one will give its contribution until an effective, result-oriented, practical, and actional plan is inplace. We also consider the client an indispensable partnerin this process and are eager to listen to any details, concerns, and suggestions that may come on his or her part. Consulting is a dynamic and dual process, and we never adopt a lecturing posture toward our clients.

We want to find a solution WITH our clients instead of just dispensing unilateral advice. Moreover, we are there for our clients after the primary consultations in case they are in need of additional support. Business situations are constantly evolving and a client may request some complimentary consultation and integration to adjust to new situations and goals, as well as asking clarifications in case he/she has some doubts on aspects of the strategies that we have set up for him/her. We look forward to having you as a client and helping you achieve game-changing business success.

Our Services
Business consultant
Business consultant
At Zebracon, we want your business to thrive and achieve amazing results by making the best use of its resources, differentiating its offer, dwarfing...
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Top freelance consultants
Top Freelance Consultant
Through Zebracon you will also have access to top freelancer consultants, who will provide you with a great degree of flexibility and expertise. We...
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Project management and page audits
Project management & Page Audits
Zebracon can also assume the full management of specific business projects on your behalf. When dealing with projects for which you lack the necessary...
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