Our team of experts in fields as diverse as eCommerce development, business strategy, and customer experience will put your project at the center of its table and assess the central issues from all the crucial standpoints in order to determine the best course of action.

We will start from the conception and initiation stage, during which will set the project goal and create a project brief.

We will then move to the definition and planning stage, during which we will define the project’s budget and its scope, set the project’s deadlines, assign project roles to various members of our staff, define a communication plan, and set the necessary milestones.

In the launch and execution stage, we will allocate the project resources and manage its budget based on the previous definition, schedule the project’s tasks and report constantly on the project’s status.

During the control phase, the focus will be on monitoring the progression of the project, measuring the most important performance indicators, and revising the project management plan in case new information, obstacles, needs, and circumstances have presented themselves.

Finally, the project close stage will record the project processes and findings, hand over the deliverables, and document the data. Throughout the years, Zebracon has managed countless projects for its esteemed clients and delivered high levels of quality and satisfaction. When we manage a project for your business, we immerse ourselves entirely in that environment and manage the project as if it was our project. Our actions are always driven by the desire to see your business thrive, come on top of the competition and satisfy its final customers. A project managed by Zebracon is a project that maximizes your business’ resources and achieves the best possible competitive and financial results.

Zebracon also offers page audits to help you correct and integrate parts of your eCommerce business that are currently not performing as efficiently and effectively as they could. Our team of experts will carefully revise your current pages and detect what must be changed or added to improve your search engine rankings, your visitor’s experiences, your conversion optimization rates, and your customer loyalty rate as well as strengthen your brand. We will also run technical checks to make sure your page is running at the maximum speed possible and with the highest amount of safety for your visitors. Auditing pages of eCommerce businesses that are underperforming is usually a faster way to improve your performance than creating new content. With proper auditing, corrections, and integration you will start seeing a noticeable increase in website visitors and the percentage of people that buy your goods and services within weeks. Get in touch with us and tell us which pages of your business you would like us to audit. We will send you an initial evaluation and show you how Zebracon’s page auditing can have a significant positive impact on your eCommerce business’ performance.

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Business consultant
Business consultant
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Top freelance consultants
Top Freelance Consultant
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Project management and page audits
Project management & Page Audits
Zebracon can also assume the full management of specific business projects on your behalf. When dealing with projects for which you lack the necessary...
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