The fields they focus on range from eCommerce development, resource analysis, competition analysis, content planning, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, customer experience, conversion optimization, and digital psychology.

A freelancer provides a very high level of flexibility and can be hired for a set period of time and for specific types of jobs and activities. Many eCommerce businesses thrive by maintaining a flexible cost structure, which can be better achieved by hiring independent professionals for targeted projects rather than hiring regular employees for things that are not needed all the time or with an excessively general knowledge of eCommerce that doesn’t allow to detect certain issues and provide the appropriate solution.

At Zebracon we only cooperate with freelancers who have a proven record of excellence and client satisfaction. Our freelancers are all fast thinkers who can adapt to difficult situations, make all the necessary efforts and analyze things critically in order to determine what works best in each scenario. They are very good listeners who always make an effort to see things from the client’s standpoint. Their standards and principles fully represent Zebracon’s spirit and its customer-oriented and result-based focus. Zebracon will help you find the freelancer that better suits your needs and help you set out project specifications, time schedule, and payment schedule. You will always have an open line with your freelancer, who will be readily available to answer any questions or solve any doubts that you may have.

When a project is completed, you will be entitled to multiple revisions, until you are finally satisfied with the end results. Get in touch with us and let us know the nature of your problem or project. We will help you determine what type of experience, skills, and knowledge you need and then help you assess who is the best freelancer to undertake the job. Unlike open freelancer platforms, where it’s often difficult to assess the level of expertise of each freelancer and determine who’s the best choice for a specific project, Zebracon will undertake that part of the evaluation and provide you with a list of highly competent freelancers with years of experience in the field, with an impressive portfolio of clients and with a proven record of results. We have also structured our offer in a way that guarantees a high value for money, meaning that through Zebracon you will have access to highly skilled freelancers at prices that are usually not accessible on open freelance platforms. These are the benefits of hiring your freelancer through a reputable consulting firm that has been operating in this business for years and has developed very strong ties with the best independent experts in the field.

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Business consultant
Business consultant
At Zebracon, we want your business to thrive and achieve amazing results by making the best use of its resources, differentiating its offer, dwarfing...
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Top freelance consultants
Top Freelance Consultant
Through Zebracon you will also have access to top freelancer consultants, who will provide you with a great degree of flexibility and expertise. We...
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Project management and page audits
Project management & Page Audits
Zebracon can also assume the full management of specific business projects on your behalf. When dealing with projects for which you lack the necessary...
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