Zebracon is a team of professional consultants in the fields of eCommerce development, eCommerce management, business strategy, project management, and eCommerce internationalization whose goal is to provide our clients with a smooth and successful eCommerce start-up process.

For years, we have been serving a multitude of clients that have different sizes, operate in different industries, and target different markets or niches. As a result, we have developed the ability to fully understand different businesses and scenarios and use our cross-functional team of experts to find to most effective and attainable strategies and plan of action to turn an eCommerce idea into a full, vibrant eCommerce business.

At Zebracon, we look at the development of an eCommerce business from all different angles. We help clients choose the best technical solutions for their online stores, define their target market, analyze the competition, shape their offerings based on business resources, customer needs, and competing products, and marketing offerings using a variety of digital tools and do all of this in a way that minimizes costs, maximizes revenues, and generate profits, as well as customer loyalty.

If you have an eCommerce idea and want to turn it into an effective online business fast, reliably, and effectively, then book a consultation with Zebracon and we will put the full might of our team at your service.

We have helped clients from different backgrounds setting up their eCommerce store using different types of platforms, ranging from Amazon to eBay. Each of these platforms has specific characteristics and our years of experience in this field means that we know how to utilize them to their fullest potential.

Online entrepreneurs who set up their eCommerce store without any guidance often take months or even years before they can take advantage of all the features that these platforms offer. Until that moment they are only using part of such features, which limits their ability to reach the highest number of customers and generate the maximum amount of revenue.

Having a team of consultants at your service means that you will use these platforms properly right from the start, to make sure no opportunity is lost, and your business hits the floor running.

In addition to consulting services on the eCommerce start-up stage, Zebracon clients also have the option to outsource the entire process to Zebracon, whose experts will take care of the operational aspects themselves and make sure your online business is set up and ready to generate sales, profits, and long-term results.

This option minimizes your efforts and allows you to turn ideas into active businesses without worries so that you can concentrate on growing your business right from the start.

To see our clients succeed and thrive is our priority here at Zebracon and this is proved by our high level of client loyalty, with many clients having worked with us for years.

Here is a more in-depth overview of the services that we offer to our valued clients.

  • Ecommerce Consulting Services: whatever your type of business, group of customers, and eCommerce platforms, we are here to provide advice on any problem, doubt, and idea you may have. Our cross-functional team will analyze the issue from different angles, assess all crucial issues and provide a solution that is both attainable and effective. Our consultants are highly experienced and knowledgeable experts with a passion for problem-solving and with sharp, agile minds that can adapt to a multitude of business scenarios.
  • Amazon Marketplace Consulting: Amazon is the primary choice for new eCommerce entrepreneurs who want to sell their products online and reach their target audience quickly. Setting up an eCommerce store on Amazon is easy but doing it in a way that maximizes the potential of this platform and its ability to generate a high level of revenue for its users requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Zebracon will make sure that no error is made and no opportunities are waster in the process of starting up your Amazon store. It will also provide game-changing advice on how to manage your Amazon store after the initial setup stage. 
  • Amazon Listing Optimization Services: to be successful as an Amazon-based online store, you need to rank high for those keywords that your target customers often search on Amazon and in search engines. Your ranking depends on many factors, including the choice of target keywords and the way your product listings have been built. Zebracon has the right experts to send your Amazing listings straight to the top of search results, thus guaranteeing a high level of visibility for your products and a higher chance of turning Amazon users into your customers. Book a consultation and let us advise you on how you can dwarf the competition with smart amazing listing optimization.
  • International Business Consulting: one of the great things about running an eCommerce store is that it allows you to reach a number of customers that you would have never been able to reach without massive investments only until 10 years ago. That’s because eCommerce allows small entrepreneurs to operate in the international market with the same ease with which they operate in their domestic market. Yet taking full advantage of international markets requires defining the right international business strategy. That’s where our team of experts at Zebracon comes into play. After analyzing your business and your goals, we will highlight the most effective, practical, and profitable ways to target international audiences.
  • International Freelance Consulting: in addition to advice on how to set up your eCommerce business, Zebracon offers you the possibility of outsourcing the setting up of your online store and the management of certain aspects. Having a team of highly skilled and experienced eCommerce professionals taking care of the operational aspects will give you peace of mind by guaranteeing that all the steps are done correctly, that no opportunity is missed and that your eCommerce store will be fully effective right from the start. Avoid annoying set-up issues and stressful situations in which you need to surf the web for hours and hours to find the solution to certain problems. Let Zebracon experts do the heavy work for you. 
  • Project Management Services: you can also hire Zebracon for managing specific projects related to your eCommerce business. Our team is also specialized in project management and will take care of all the crucial stages of the project with the utmost professionalism. We will start from the conception stage by clearly defining the scope of the project and identifying the opportunities. We will then come up with a project plan, map, and schedule, as well as assess the risks. This stage is followed by the operational phase of the project, during which we will execute the main actions. After that, we will go through the management and control stage before closing the project and produce a summary of the various stages and a comparison between the planned and obtained results.

  • Page Audits: Zebracon consultants will analyze your existing eCommerce pages and identify the problems and shortcomings. They will then surgically correct each issue and integrate the page with additional elements when necessary. A page audit performed by highly experienced eCommerce professionals can make a huge difference in search results, the number of visitors, and conversion rates, which are all elements that impact the profitability of your eCommerce business. Let Zebracon turn averagely performing pages into superior revenue-generating channels. Sometimes, the corrections needed to a page are counter-intuitive and it’s difficult to determine them without professional consulting.

Competitor Geofencing: if you are losing business to your competitors in a highly competitive geographical area, competitor geofencing advertising can help you regain them and even increase them by using ads that are highly targeted and allow you to reach your competitor’s prospects and frequent customers. It’s the most precise method of audience targeting, and it requires a high level of knowledge and skills to be performed correctly. Book a consultation with us and let us explain to you how competitor geofencing can help you increase your customer base and generate new revenues.

Your Success is Our Mission

At Zebracon, our client’s success is our priority and mission. When we start working with a new client, we fully identify with his situation and goals and look for the best opportunities and solutions, as if we were managing our own business. Our team is not trained to simply “lecture” clients but to understand their scenarios, their needs, their concerns, and their doubts and come up with solutions that are truly tailored to their situation.

Working with clients is a cooperative process for us and we welcome all ideas and contributions from them. We work together to turn their goals into attainable and profitable solutions that generate real results. Book a consultation with us today and find out how Zebracon can help you achieve game-changing success in the eCommerce environment.

Zebracon Facts

  • Zebracon is a cross-functional team of experts and consultants in various fields of eCommerce development, eCommerce strategy, internationalization, and project management.
  • For years, we have helped clients from all different backgrounds and industries and developed a high level of experience in this field.
  • Zebracon doesn’t follow textbook guidelines but values the uniqueness of every business situation and searches for the most attainable and effective solutions in each scenario. 
  • At Zebracon, we fully identify with a client’s situation, needs, obstacles, and goals. We promote a cooperative relationship with our clients because we are convinced that the best results are obtained by working WITH our clients and not just FOR them. 
  • Our team members are not only incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in the field of eCommerce but are also natural problem-solvers who see obstacles as positive challenges to overcome. 
  • We offer both consulting and outsourcing services. In the first case, we will give you our expert advice. In the second case, we will manage the start-up of your eCommerce store or individual projects for you. 
  • Our level of high client loyalty is a guarantee that those who seek consultation and assistance from Zebracon are rarely disappointed and usually end up developing long-term relationships with us. 
  • Getting in touch with us is extremely easy. Book a consultation online, explain your situation and let us explain to you how we can help you achieve eCommerce success.

Our Services

  1. eCommerce Consulting Services: we give advice on all types of eCommerce problems and issues and help clients find the most effective and attainable solutions.

  2. Amazon Marketplace Consulting:our team of eCommerce experts will help you set up your Amazon store and make sure that no error is made, and no opportunity is missed.

  3. Amazon Listing Optimization Services:we will help you achieve a high ranking in search results for relevant keywords on Amazon and search engines, which leads to more clients and revenues.

  4. International Business Consulting:eCommerce makes it possible for small businesses to reach international audiences. Zebracon will advise you on the best strategies to adopt to target international markets.

  5. International FreelanceConsulting:you can outsource the setting up of your eCommerce store entirely to Zebracon. A full team of professional eCommerce experts will do the heavy work for you.

  6. Project Management Services:we can manage individual projects relating to different aspects of your eCommerce business.

  7. Page Audits:we will review existing eCommerce pages on your online store and come up with corrections and integration to improve their performance and increase visitors, conversions, and revenues.

  8. Competitor Geofencing: dwarf your competitors in highly competitive environments by selectively targeting their prospects and regular customers.

Take the first step towards building and managing a profitable, successful, and rewarding eCommerce business. Our team is looking forward to hearing about your goals, ambitions, needs, and plans. We will put our full team at your disposal, analyze your situation in extreme detail and come up with the best possible solutions to achieve your goals. We will walk you through the process of setting up your eCommerce store, choosing your target market, taking full advantage of your resources, and differentiating your offerings in a way that dwarves the competition and provides your customers with a high level of satisfaction, which then turns into higher revenues and profits.

What They Say About Us

Zebracon helped me set up my online store from scratch and guided me through all the obstacles and doubts with ease. They are an extremely competent team of consultants, eCommerce experts, and freelancers and you know right from the start that you are in good hands. My online business is now growing and Zebracon’s team is always available for any doubt or question I may have.

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